SPACE Collection

Launched in 2002 by artist Alain De Clerck, SPACE Collection is building a network of European cities linked by a transborder collection of contemporary art. The works are acquired thanks to interactive sculptures. In Liege and Maastricht, the two first culture machines already allowed to buy 90 works. Situated in the historical center, the exhibition space takes place in an old apartment recognized as a place to experiment. The art center welcomes regularly events, lectures and shows.

Current Exhibitions

  • 13.10.2018

    PLAT FROID. your order has expired. An exhibiton by Jeroen Jaenen, Mike Moonen & Joep Vossebeld

    « What was wrong became good and the good may suddenly be wrong tomorrow. Very wrong even, the day afer tomorrow. Not that it has become more difcult to see how things really are, on the contrary. Our real problem is that the word 'real' turned out to be a fabricaton. So please choose carefully from the following optons: a. Black is the absence of light and White is all colours intertwined. b. Both Black and White are all colours with each other. c. We can no longer use the words Black and White. Can we stll think in 'contrasts' at all? Yes you can, but no, you do not want to. Why would you? »

  • 05.12.2018


    Before Christmas, Liege will welcome in different places a retrospective of the eclectic work of the documentary maker and filmmaker Rob Rombout. Not only the occasion to visit the ardent city but also to meet the artist and some of his students during workshops and talks. Detail programme up to come.
    An initiative from the video atelier of the videography workshop of ÉSAVL-ARBA, with the participation of SPACE, La galerie des Beaux-Arts, la galerie de l’Émulation, l’Université de Liège et Yellow Now éditions. Curators : Céline Eloy and Dominique Castronovo.

Current Events