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Bureau Europa
Boschstraat 9
6211 AS Maastricht


Wednesday → Sunday 11:00h → 17:00h


Adults → € 5,-
Students → € 3,-
Groups (min. 12 persons) → € 3,-
-12 years, Dutch Museumcard → free admission

As a presentation and network organization, Bureau Europa, platform for architecture & design presenting exhibitions and other activities on the culture of the designed environment. Bureau Europa’s focus is mainly on Europe and the Euregion from a social perspective and contemporary topics relevant to society at large.

Current Exhibitions

  • 06.04.2017

    Intensive Care: Architecture and Design in Healthcare

    In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, architects and urban designers played an influential role in the fight against dangerous infectious diseases, such as cholera and tuberculosis. They contributed to a 'hygiene wave' through their designs for the construction of water supply and sewage systems, better buildings, and plenty of inner-city green spaces. Healthcare innovations and the spatial translation thereof can be historically traced one-on-one.

    What challenges await us in the 21st century?
    These could be (prosperity) diseases, their associated psychological social issues, such as loneliness, and ethical social issues, such as prioritising life quality over life duration. The exhibition  examines the impact of technological acceleration on new organisational forms, from prevention in healthcare to privatisation in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Participating artists, architects, and designers include:
    Thought Collidor (Mike Thompson and Susanna Camara Leret) * Frank Kolkman * Melanie Bojano * Clara Gaggero Westaway and Adrian Westaway * Alexa Karolinski and Ingo Niermann * Zorgrobotica * Geert Mul * Chris Kabel * Deane Simpson design from Studio Joost Grootens * Mulder van Tussenbroek architects * Molenaar & Bol & Van Dillen Architects * Jetske Visser and Marthe Biezen * Social Label * Tom Loois * Martijn Engelbregt * VANDERSALM architecture * Pinar & Viola * OMA /AMO * and others...

Current Events

  • 06.04.2017

    Opening - Intensive Care

    Alderman Mieke Damsma opens the exhibition at 18:00h.