Art does not need a common language, it is international in itself.

VERY CONTEMPORARY is the network of contemporary art venues in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion.

The partners of VERY CONTEMPORARY relate to each other through the language of contemporary art. The border region of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany is their training ground.

VERY CONTEMPORARY is as contemporary as the art presented here: Within a radius of 100 km, the network offers a wide variety of exhibitions and events, many of which can be visited in one day. The venues each have a highly individual approach and present art in the most appealing way - direct and inspirational, reflective and atmospheric.

You're very welcome to discover our current exhibitions and events!
supported by the ministry of north rhine-westphalia

Current Exhibitions


  • 13.10.2019

    Wandschildering: George Korsmit - Homage to the Soul

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